Robot Love EP. tour

KÖLN _July 7 

21:30, Bauwagenplatz. Krefelderstr. 107  Köln 

KASSEL_ July 8 

19:30, Periptero Moritzstr. 19  Kassel  

VooCha is inviting you to listen to the about to be released Robot Love EP. The Cologne based group have being toying with Robots, mostly the famous vocaloid Hatsune Miku and have made a song from her perspective.

VooCha is Alexis C. johnson, CHANGDARC, Jesseline Preach Melissa E. Logan and Nelly Ellinor.

VooCha are releasing a new single „Robot Love“ with mixes 

Robot Love Turk by Armageddon Turk

Robot Love in Arab mix by Amageddon Turk

Frankenstein in a Miniskirt by Nelly Ellinor

Bottom Bot by Eric D. Clark 

release date July 24th 2017