Un Learning from Performance x Periptero x Documenta14


C— Performance und Konzert —

Moving School with University of Craft Action Thought present:
Un Learning from Performance

Un Learning from Performance“ is spoken word over beats, a lecture moving from Friedrichsplatz 15 (in front of the Staatstheater) at 17h and making its way to the culture kiosk PERIPTERO. At 18h, the performance continues with the music group VooCha.

Un Learning from Performance“ goes beyond knowledge sharing, it is a knowledge generator embracing the moment of the unknown, through repetition layers of meaning are given space to glow through a collection of lyrics, slogans philosophy as rap. The constructed role of teacher and student is so last century, the performers are learning by the performance and all are the performers.

Does knowledge have to be truth? Is performance creating a gap we each fill with individualized truth?

Un Learning from Performance will be aired on Documenta Radio:

Melissa E. Logan, (University of Craft Action Thought, VooCha, Chicks on Speed)

VooCha is a Cologne based group.
VooCha is Alexis C. Johnson, Nelly Ellinor, Jesseline Preach , CHANGDARC and Melissa E. Logan (formally called Voodoo Chanel).
The group was originally founded in Abidjan in 2010 by Melissa E. Logan and Nadine Jessen. New members have joined in 2015, Jesseline Preach, Alexis C. Johnson, CHANGDARC and 2016 Nelly Ellinor . VooCha ( aka Voodoo Chanel ) have performed at Schirn Kunsthalle, Zeppelin Museum, Museum Abteiberg, KHM and Schauspiel Köln Britney.
They are releasing a new single „Robot Love“ with mixes by Eric D. Clark, Armageddon Turk and Nelly Ellinor.

Listen & buy:

Meet us at: www.facebook.com/VooChaCAT/